PALLAS Laurent

PhD Student

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Thesis topic

"Ecomorphological analysis of the Cercopithecidae postcranial remains from the Shungura Formation, Lower Omo Valley"

Directeurs de thèse : Dr. Gildas Merceron and Dr. Guillaume Daver (PALEVOPRIM)

Research activity

Keywords:  Cercopithecoidea, Shungura, Ecomorphology, Postcranial, Plio-Pleistocene.


My work focuses on the postcranial anatomy of extant and extinct primates and particularly on the interplay between positional behaviors and morphological characters.

With a rich taxonomy and a wide array of ecology, extant Cercopithecidae are highly suitable to explore forms/functions relationships. Although taxonomically rich, the ecomorphological diversity of fossil cercopithecids is yet barely explored. Consequently, the rich paleontological data from the Shungura Formation permits to address ecomorphological and evolutionary hypotheses in the deep time.

The problematics considered during my studies emphasized both neontological and paleontological framework and tackle questions not only related to morphology but also in lights of ecological (i.e niche partioning) and evolutionary (i.e phylogenetic relationships) topics among extant and extinct cercopithecids. 

Curriculum vitae

2017– 2020: PhD Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Gildas Merceron and Dr. Guillaume Daver

2015 – 2017: MSc in Vertebrates Paleontology (Université de Poitiers - Université de Montpellier)

2012 – 2015: BSc in Ecology and Evolution (Université Toulouse III - University of Manchester (10-month internship))

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